Living in the reverb since 1999.

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KMJ45 Studios (previously known as Kilamanjaro Studios) specialise in superior quality yet affordable mixing and mastering.
Head sound engineer D. Webb (Chemo | Telemachus) is one of the most prolific and highly regarded HipHop engineers in the UK.

  • One of those slightly obscure figures who has helped British music move along more than most people will probably ever know.

    The Guardian - UK

  • Chemo at Kilamanjaro is amazing, he always does top quality work with a quick turnaround and keeps costs down. No. 1 engineer in the game and a great guy!

    Fliptrix - High Focus Records

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Most services are charged at £30 per hour.
Some services such as mastering are based on flat rates of £20 per track or £180 for a full project.
We pride ourselves on efficiency and value for money and always try to keep costs down.

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KMJ45 Studios
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