Here are some of the most common queries that we receive about Mixing and Mastering.

For any other queries please get in touch with us via our contact form.

  • From receipt of your files, we can normally turn around tracks within 72 hours, or whole albums within a week. In some circumstances, the turnaround time will be longer but we will give you an accurate estimate when you make your enquiry.
  • As a rough guideline, most mixes take between 2-3 hours work per track @ £40 per hour, but some may take longer if they are particularly complex.
  • Ensure that each stem starts from ZERO [the very beginning of the track] meaning that the stems can be loaded up easily with every element in its correct place.
  • Please submit a reference mix / rough mix with your stems.
  • Check that the volumes on your supplied stems are roughly the same as on your reference mix with no digital clipping.


  • Please remove excessive limiting and compression from the master fader. It is important to supply the stems with some headroom (i.e. not too loud).
  • Vocals are best supplied dry, so please remove any reverb / delays from the vocal stems.
  • However, on the instrumental parts please do keep any of your ‘creative processing’ that you have done (delays, EQ’s, compression, flanging etc.) in order to retain the general feel of your composition.
  • Please provide 16bit or 24bit .wav stems at 44.1khz.
  • You can easily upload a .zip file of your stems folder using WeTransfer / Google Drive / Dropbox or similar file upload systems.
  • Payment is possible by either bank transfer or Paypal. We require full payment before we send over finished work. Any payment not received within 28 days of invoice will be subject to statutory legal action.
  • According to our philosophy, mastering does not, and should not take very long. In some more unscrupulous studios it is common practice that unattended mastering jobs actually take the engineer just 20-30 minutes… yet they often charge upwards of £200 per track by invoicing for hours of work. We are 100% honest with our customers in how fast we work and therefore we are able to provide very cheap mastering for everyone whilst maintaining our high standards.